Casserole carrier


So… It has been a while….. Months and months, actually. What have I been up to? Oh…. You know… Just being PREGNANT! Ha! As of today I am 19 weeks along. Almost halfway there already! So, needless to say, I have been extremely distracted by all that pregnancy entails, like being super crazy tired and feeling like I have been doing slave labor for days on end, or those lovely bouts of nausea during the first few months. That was a lot of fun.

Although I haven’t been writing about crafting and sewing, I have actually been making some things! I promise! Like this awesome casserole carrier. 🙂

I wish that I could claim this pattern as my own…. But I cannot. This is from a tutorial that I found while looking for a good gift idea for a friend who had just lost her mom. It came out phenomenally, and I will totally be making more!

Feel free to visit the 2 Little Hooligans website for the full tutorial! She is awesome. As for me, I will share the pics of my finished carrier!




I just love how this turned out! And I will admit that I am a little sad that I used the last of this particular fabric on this project…. which means that I can’t make a replica for myself. Sad face…
I am glad I was able to give my friend something awesome though. And it came with a baked ziti! Yeah. I’m awesome like that. (Very rare occasions)


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